Guidance for Your Journey

Being Incarnated is based on all of the things I've learned doing readings in the last twenty years. The first section walks you through the soul's planning process before incarnating. 

The second section is a guidebook for the different life areas: love, career and money, family, social life, health and spiritual path. I cover themes, lessons and challenges in each life area, followed by meditations.

Its on amazon, in kindle and print formats.

I have been doing readings with clients for over twenty years. The work is always evolving and what I  cover for topics will change as well, although I can read on just about any topic. 

My readings are usually written (typed) and emailed to you afterward. Sometimes I do them in audio format. Here is my readings shop to learn more. 

Each month I open my schedule to sign people up for readings. Sign up for my newsletter and be informed on when I am open to schedule readings.. 

For articles on spiritual development, love, relationships and more visit me on Medium

If you are a writer I run a publication on Medium called Heart Speak. I  am open to adding new writers who write from the heart. 

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