List of Services

I offer a few different ways to develop your spiritual path. You can choose from a course that helps you explore and grow, or join my community on Patreon for a Group Reading and Q&A session that answers your pressing questions. I also offer meditations that help enhance your learning, state of mind, and connection with guides.

I am always adding to what I do, so stay tuned for more offerings!

Online Courses

Here is a brief look into the course I am currently creating:

Soul Journey Course- The soul goes on a journey when it incarnates. From the start when the decision is made to reincarnate once more, the planning stages, the creation of a Life Map, connection with guides, and the creation of Soul Contracts. All of this is covered in depth in my Soul Journey Course.

This course includes an extensive section on guides and meditations to help you connect with them as well as your higher self and to view your Life Map, including your Soul Contracts! Sign up or learn more, here.

Group Readings- Join me on Patreon and be a part of my monthly Group Reading, Q&A Session and a monthly meditation cultivated for the month's energies. At this time I am not offering one on one readings, so I encourage you to join me on Patreon for the time being. The first tier is just $9!

Guided Meditations

Join me on Patreon for a monthly meditation based on the Group Reading I do only for members of my community. All of my meditations are guided, set to music and the guidance I receive is through a channel from guides. The monthly meditation (and Group Reading) is unique, it is created with my guides as well as the guides of those in my community.